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Social Strategy Game

Cyber Citizens is a multiplayer online social strategy game. Create your citizen and navigate around real world maps in cities like New York, London, Los Angeles, Rome, Tokyo, and others to find new locations, friends, and enemies. Find a job and earn money for your citizen or create your own company and become your own boss. Meet up with friends and send them gifts and trade offers or find foes to attack to injure and steal their money. Create your own political party and get elected as a city mayor where you'll be in charge of setting policies that affect all of the citizens of your city. Register or Login to get started.

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Vote For Alistaire
Good Day London citizens, I am informing you today to vote for Alistaire. I do...
Robbery Freeze
Hello fellow citizens of New York. You have all graciously elected me as the mayor...
Platform For Mayor
Patrons of London, Currently I am leading in the polls and the citizens are...
Top Cities
1 Dallas 51 Citizens
2 London 41 Citizens
3 Los Angeles 34 Citizens
4 New York 27 Citizens
5 Tokyo 17 Citizens
6 Rome 9 Citizens
7 Paris 9 Citizens
Top Citizens
1 im317 196.45 Rating
2 Bugrom 139.99 Rating
3 Cleaner 134.69 Rating
4 Arash 131.65 Rating
5 turdex 130.68 Rating
6 Maneater1971 129.97 Rating
7 wkhan 127.40 Rating
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